An all-digital transfer solution born from a joint effort between the biggest players of the local financial market, and the journey that it was.
In 2019, three of the most present banks in Peru: Interbank, BBVA and Scotiabank, joined forces to develop a cross-bank transfer service to ease the experience of their collective clients and kickstart a strong alliance to face the competition. Across the 3 boards, Interbank's was chosen to lead the UX front for the whole project, which led to me being in charge of the service's design and experience.
The challenge
Fintechs and digital banks, while fairly recent, are an already present development in the financial services market around the globe, and we had a very concrete benchmark from researching them. One very early observation was the use of alternative methods of identification and addressing for money transfers, such as the linking of cel phone numbers to account information, which drastically reduces the complexity of the whole process for the users. On the other hand, one thing was clear from the start of the project: locally, the road was still mostly free to be paved in regards to a wholly integrated digital bank experience, and Interbank itself had set as it's mission to fully digitalize it's services going forward. That was essentially a double-edged sword for us, while in some terms we were early to the party, other competing services already on the market had an earlier head start, which up to that point represented the only frame of reference users in our context had to a digital-only transfer experience. 
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