Over 1 million peruvians have a medical condition which should be immediately known by first responders in the event of an emergency.
Alos is a two-component system that detects an allergy just before supplying the potentially allergenic drug (penicillin or NSAIDs), preventing a deadly reaction, and a personal stamp to ensure that, even when unconscious, the medical staff can quickly identify what kind of allergy the patient has.
“I’ve made him a tag but he never use it”
“I wouldn't tattoo him, I'm afraid he could get AIDS, the tag should work”
- Ines and her son
“I’ve made myself a tag but I lost it soon after”
“I would get a tattoo but I wouldn’t get all the frase and I don’t really have the time to go and do it”
- Fernando 35 años
The aims of the project were:
- Minimize patient discomfort when the analysis is taken
- Make a simpler and portable analysis
- Quick visualization communication
- Make a consensus easy to implement and effective

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