Starting in 2020, I changed jobs and began working at Farmacias Peruanas in the Omnichannel squad where I was tasked to redesign the internal processes and digital products that employees inside the operation used. 
One of the main problems of the internal operation was that there were too many tools that did the same thing, were on different platforms, and were supposed to be used at the same time, this made the process unnecessarily slow and result in a lot of dispatch errors. Then, things got worse on March 2020, the start of the COVID pandemic collapsed our delivery center and because of employees getting sick we had to close some physical stores that were also digital purchase pick-up points. 
So my initial goal to unify some tools and improve the whole experience was going to have to start with a new feature: Capacity Scheduling, with it we would be able to close some pick-up stores when employees got sick and remove some delivery dates altogether if we didn’t have the delivery capacity to send them in that date. Having this new, big, and important feature to design, we thought it would be a good idea to start designing the platform which would collect all the other tools in the future. And since all the different tools had a different UI, we started building a design system that could be implemented in web tools as well as in apps. I designed the strategy, set the design system, and lead a junior designer to help me achieve this goal in less than a month.

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